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Verb + pronoun + infinitive

Good morning,

This month we will take a brief look at verb patterns.

Verb patterns are an important grammar point to master in English. You can really give the impression of being a competent English speaker if you use these forms correctly. It's worth spending time learning and practicing them.

Today we'll look at a common VERB PATTERN.

Have a look at this sentence. "I want him to clean his bedroom."

This particular order of words is called a VERB PATTERN. It means that we must use a specific word order after a verb; in this case, the verb is WANT. Let's look at this verb pattern in more detail.

Today's verb pattern is: VERB + someone (person / object pronoun) + INFINITIVE

Here are some common verbs that follow this pattern (this list is not definitive):

WANT --> to want someone to do something
WOULD LIKE --> would like someone to do something
ASK --> to ask someone to do something
TELL --> to tell someone to do something
ADVISE --> to advise someone to do something
EXPECT --> to expect someone to do something
ALLOW --> to allow someone to do something
ORDER --> to order someone to do something

If we want to indicate the action in negative, we put the word NOT before the infinitive verb:

TELL --> to tell someone NOT to do something

Example Sentences:
want you to make your bed.
-We'd like them to come to our party next week.
-Did you ask Jimmy to take the dog for a walk?
-Mrs. Aimes told the postman not to fold the magazines when putting them in the post-box.
-I advise you not to interrupt Malcolm during the next meeting. He gets very upset when people do that.
-They didn't expect John to arrive so early.
-We don't allow our children to eat sweets befor mealtimes.
-The police officer ordered me to move my car immediately.


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Have a great weekend!

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